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Protect Yourself From DWI Penalties

DWIs are taken very seriously in Louisiana. The consequences you could face include fines, jail time, increased insurance rates and license suspension or revocation. In addition, having a DWI on record means you will receive much harsher penalties if you are convicted of a DWI in the future.

It is important to contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you have been arrested. Your penalties could be reduced or the charges could be dropped altogether with a proper defense strategy.

One penalty that I can help to fight is license suspension. I recognize the difficulty and impact of losing your driving privileges. If your license is suspended, I can help you obtain a hardship license, which allows you to drive to specific places such as your workplace.

Close Attention And Understanding Of Your Case

I am attorney Craig E. Gibbs, and I work for the most effective outcome for my clients after a drunk driving charge. DWIs can be challenged on many grounds such as improper calibration of the Breathalyzer or incorrect pullover procedures. I am not afraid to take a case to court to defend my clients’ rights.

I am here to handle your case so you never have to worry about the next step. I will answer any DWI questions you have and meet with you to understand all the facts of your situation. As a solo practitioner, I provide one-on-one attention to my clients for the duration of the legal process. You will never meet with someone else who would have less knowledge of you and your case.

Get The Legal Help You Need

Do not hesitate to seek help after a drunk driving charge. To request a free consultation with me, please contact me online or call 504-322-1261 or 877-900-2140.

I am located in New Orleans and serve clients throughout Louisiana.