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Experience With All Levels Of Drug Crimes

The laws and legal processes surrounding drug crimes are complex. You should never try to face these criminal charges without a lawyer defending you.

In Louisiana, drug crimes are classified based on factors such as medical uses and likelihood to cause addiction. This classification can affect the severity of the penalties you would receive if convicted. Your penalties would also be affected by the type of drug crime. I have defended clients from charges such as:

Challenging drug charges is extremely important. Not only would a conviction mean high fines and a potentially long prison sentence, but it would also remain on your criminal record. Having a criminal record affects many aspects of your life, such as employment and housing. I will work to prevent long-term effects on your life.

Experience With Federal Cases

I have experience in both state and federal court. Some drug crimes are considered federal cases and they could hold much harsher penalties than a conviction at the state level. I understand what steps to take to defend your rights, no matter the case. I will fight for you in court.

Your Case Starts Now

I have served the people of Louisiana with their criminal defense needs for over 20 years. I always seek out the most efficient and effective solutions to each individual case. As the sole attorney at my firm, I am the only one who will handle your case. You will have my full attention during the process.

I offer free initial consultations. To schedule an appointment, please contact me online or call 504-322-1261 or 877-900-2140.

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