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Distribution And Trafficking Could Change Your Future

The type of substance involved in drug crimes has a heavy impact on the penalties but distribution and trafficking are the most serious types of charges for each respective substance. If you are facing these charges, contact an experienced lawyer immediately. Your future could depend on it.

What Are The Penalties?

Distribution refers to the illegal selling of a substance. Trafficking also involves dealing and distributing substances illegally but on a larger scale or in larger quantities. The type and amount of substance impact the penalties associated with the crime, though trafficking carries higher penalties than distribution.

If convicted of one of these crimes, you could face enormous fines and anything from three years in prison to a life sentence.

A conviction could carry other consequences besides criminal penalties. A drug crime could cost you your job and make it difficult to find future employment. You could also lose child custody rights and be prevented from visiting your children. In some cases, you could lose your right to vote.

Seek The Defense You Need

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