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Modern forms of communication may help kids deal with divorce

A new study suggests modern forms of communication like social media and text messaging can help children in Louisiana and other states cope with the changes that typically take place after a marriage ends. It was previously thought that the biggest factor with parent-child relationships post-divorce was how well the exes got along. But researchers discovered communication between parents and children is what matters most.

The study team reviewed data from divorced moms and dads with kids old enough to use modern communication methods. Some parents were cooperative with one another after their divorce, and others were moderately engaged or conflicted. Other aspects of the parent-child relationship, such as parental knowledge, closeness and discipline inconsistencies, were also considered.

The relationship between the Keto diet and breath test results

The Keto diet has become quite popular in recent years. Many say that eating a high fat, low carbohydrate diet provides numerous health benefits such as weight loss, reduced blood sugar levels and more. Through this method of eating, your body goes into a state of "ketosis" and begins burning fat instead of glucose.

This may sound like a good thing, and many people have experienced benefits from this diet, but a downside exists as well. If a police officer suspects you of drunk driving during a traffic stop, your diet could get you in trouble.

A prenuptial agreement is worth considering

Much has been written about marriage and the manner in which it is approached. When a Louisiana couple decides to tie the knot, it's usually with a sense of optimism for the marriage's endurance. That is exactly why a prenuptial agreement, perhaps wrongly so, is considered planning for a marriage to fail.

A common perception is that prenups are all but exclusively the province of the rich who may be marrying for the wrong reason. However, anyone who has something of value to protect may well be advised to consider a prenup. Family relationship experts report that those who have previously had a marriage that failed are far more likely to get a prenuptial agreement before once again entering into matrimony.

Many factors may contribute to divorce

Louisiana couples may decide to end their marriages for any number of reasons. While some spouses may decide to split due to a breach of trust, others separate more amicably after growing apart. However, some factors are more common than others. Researchers recently analyzed some of the most frequent causes of divorce in a study involving people who had participated in a premarital counseling and communication program but had divorced 14 years later. The study showed that there are often many causes behind a split.

The most common cause of divorce, cited by 75 percent of recipients, was a lack of commitment to continuing the marriage. Some people simply said that they no longer had romantic feelings for their spouses while others said that they had grown apart over time. Nearly 60 percent of participants said that they ended their marriages due to infidelity. In many cases, partners had poor marital relationships even before the affair. This is one reason why many of the study participants cited an extramarital affair alongside other issues as the causes of the divorce.

What penalties could you face as a repeat DWI offender?

You may consider yourself someone who can drink alcohol responsibly and not let the consumption have any negative impact on your life. However, does that description truly fit your situation? Many people with alcohol abuse issues do not realize they have abuse problems or deny that a problem exists.

While you may think that you can ignore such an issue, it can significantly affect your life if police stop your vehicle after suspecting you of driving while intoxicated. Certainly, this type of scenario could happen to even just a casual consumer of alcohol. However, what happens if this stop is not your first or even your second?

Gender, divorce and serious illness

Research may shed a troubling light on how couples in Louisiana interact, especially when it comes to caregiving and illness. When one partner becomes seriously ill, a couple may be more likely to divorce. However, studies indicate that the likelihood of a split only rises when the wife is the one to fall ill. While there are a number of factors that can contribute to the divorce risk, including the existing strength of the relationship and other underlying issues, marital problems are more likely to arise when women are sick.

Multiple studies show that women with cancer are more likely to divorce. Other research indicates that women who had heart disease or stroke were even more likely to separate than those with cancer or lung diseases. On the other hand, studies show that husbands' serious illnesses do not carry an increased likelihood of divorce.

Common prescription drug offenses

When facing criminal charges, you understand that a conviction can change the trajectory of your life. A mark on your criminal record can affect everything from your ability to get a job to a child custody proceeding, and it is worthwhile to confront any type of charge with a strong defense. This is the case with drug charges, specifically prescription drug charges. 

When a person misuses prescription drugs by selling them, trafficking them or using them to make other types of street drugs, the penalties can be steep. The abuse of prescription drugs is a widespread problem, and a conviction of this type of crime can result in extensive time behind bars. If you are facing these charges, you do not have to face them alone.

Ensuring the protection of fathers' parental rights

In a perfect world, couples in Louisiana would be able to end a marriage while still effectively co-parenting for the sake of their children. In the real world, however, this isn't always the case. While there has been more of an effort in recent years to keep things balanced financially and with visitation rights for fathers, an argument can be made that there's still room for improvement. This is, in part, due to a lingering tendency of courts to grant custody to mothers when there's a dispute.

Fathers may be able to ensure that their rights are upheld during a divorce regardless of a child's living arrangements by being reasonable about custody and visitation. For instance, a dad might determine whether he has time to fully commit to providing proper care for his child. Fathers looking to make the most of their parental rights are also advised to keep the best interests in the child in mind while also dealing with their own personal feelings about the end of their relationship.

How to avoid mistakes with the family home in a divorce

When people in Louisiana get a divorce, if they have a home to divide as part of the process of property division, they should avoid some common mistakes. One error people often make is fighting to keep the home without taking into account whether they can afford it.

One woman who did this finally agreed to sell the home and split the proceeds after months of negotiations when she realized that keeping it would not fit in her budget. However, according to one attorney, it is less likely for couples to reach an agreement to sell the home right away on their own and more likely for them to do so on a judge's order.

The right strategy is the key to a strong DWI defense

Louisiana laws regarding drunk driving are strict, and even first-time offenders can face long-term penalties. If you are facing a drunk driving charge, it's important to defend yourself. The first step in building a strong defense is to identify the right strategy for your situation.

The right defense strategy depends on factors that are unique to your situation. Things like any previous offenses or the circumstances of your arrest. When it is your freedom on the line, it is worth it to work on a strong defense plan.

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