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On behalf of Craig E. Gibbs, Attorney at Law on Tuesday, November 20, 2018.

Do you look forward to kicking back on weekends, perhaps with a glass of wine or your favorite mixed drink? After all, you work hard all week and you have a right to enjoy your free time, right? There is nothing necessarily inherently or legally wrong with consuming alcohol, provided you act in accordance with state laws that govern such matters. If, for instance, you are not age 21 or older, then your alcohol habit might land you in a heap of legal trouble.

Even if you are of legal age to imbibe, any number of problems can arise in alcohol-related situations that put your future at risk, such as a police officer suspecting you of drunk driving. Like all people who choose to consume alcohol, you must make responsible choices that help keep you and travelers with whom you share the road as safe as possible.

Why most people say they drink

Maybe you just like the taste of alcohol or enjoy occasional drinking because it changes things up in your normal routine. You might also relate to one or more of the following reasons many people in Louisiana and beyond cite when someone asks them why they like to drink:

  • People under age 21 are not the only ones who experience peer pressure life. In fact, many people say they drink alcohol because they feel pushed to do so by friends, family members or co-workers.
  • Some say drinking is merely a normal part of U.S. culture and they do it because it’s simply a common activity for most people in their communities.
  • Many people say consuming alcohol provides stress relief. They feel more relaxed when they drink.
  • Drinking alcohol makes some people feel more confident in social situations. Some say they can let their hair down and have a bit more fun when they have a couple drinks in them.

It’s no secret that some people grow addicted to alcohol, in which case, it can cause all sorts of problems in their personal and professional lives. If you or someone you love is currently battling alcoholism, you can tap into local support resources to help overcome such struggles.

Other alcohol-related issues

If a police officer has arrested you and prosecutors are charging you with driving under the influence of alcohol or some other alcohol-related criminal offense, state law guarantees you the opportunity to present as strong a defense as possible to try to preserve your freedom and mitigate your circumstances.

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