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I Advocate For Fathers’ Rights In Court

Louisiana courts are supposed to be impartial in family law decisions but, unfortunately, fathers still sometimes encounter bias in matters of custody or child support. I am attorney Craig E. Gibbs, and I am here to fight for your equal rights as a parent.

Some judges will be more likely to award primary custody to the mother or to require child support payments from the father. It is not acceptable to use the parent’s gender as a factor in these decisions. The only factor that should be considered is the best interest of your child. I will work to exert your rights as a parent and prove your ability to provide the same level of care for your children.

Do You Need To Establish Paternity?

I also help fathers to establish paternity. If you had a child while unmarried, you are not legally considered the father until you establish paternity. Paternity gives you legal rights to make decisions in your child’s life and be considered for custody rights in the case of a separation or divorce.

You may seek paternity as long as your child is less than 18 years old. Do not hesitate to get in touch with a paternity lawyer if you would like to establish rights to your child.

Ready To Discuss Your Rights

Every parent deserves to be free from bias in court. For a free initial consultation about asserting your rights as a father, please contact me online or call 504-322-1261 or 877-900-2140.

I am located in New Orleans and serve clients throughout Louisiana.