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Drawing up a workable parenting schedule

Unless they are relying on a judge's decision, Louisiana parents will need to create a parenting schedule as part of the divorce process. This schedule will specify which parent the child spends time with at what times. By working on it cooperatively, parents can demonstrate to their children that family matters are paramount.

Avoiding financial pitfalls during divorce

When couples in Louisiana divorce, they can face several challenges. While there is a range of emotional issues that can accompany the end of a relationship, the separation can also have many long-lasting financial effects. By keeping in mind some key issues, one can protect themselves throughout the divorce process and post-divorce era of their lives.

How to convince someone a prenuptial agreement is worthwhile

Most engaged partners in Louisiana believe that their marriages will last forever. However, it is possible that a marriage will come to an end. If that happens, assets that have been in a family for generations could be lost to a spouse in a divorce settlement. The use of a prenuptial agreement can help to prevent that from happening.

How joint legal custody can work for parents and children

Louisiana divorced parents who have legal custody may make decisions about the religion in which the child is raised and the child's education and medical care. It is common for parents who do not share physical custody to have joint legal custody, and there are advantages and disadvantages to this arrangement.

Rise in divorce among older people could mean financial problems

With divorce on the rise for people over 50, older couples in Louisiana might be more likely to split up than their parents or grandparents were. However, a survey by UBS Global Wealth Management found that many couples still fall into traditional patterns of money management. The study surveyed 1,500 couples and 600 women who had been widowed or divorced in the last five years. It found that 56 percent of women left major financial decision and investments in their husband's hands. More millennial women, at 61 percent, reported this arrangement than baby boomer women at 54 percent.

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