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What you should know about refusing field sobriety tests

Sometimes a night out does not end with you safe and sound in your own bed. Sometimes, it can end with handcuffs and a visit to lockup. If New Orleans law enforcement officers pull you over while you are on your way home from Happy Hour, the police may ask you to step out of the car to undergo a series of tests.

Defending against unfair domestic violence charges

Every year, thousands of individuals throughout the country face domestic violence charges. It is certainly not a controversial stance to say that domestic violence destroys lives of its victims, but the truth of the matter is that domestic violence charges also destroy lives.

It’s always worth it to fight drug charges

Like many states, Louisiana has a complicated relationship with drugs and enforcing drug laws. While we have technically enjoyed some allowances for medical marijuana usage since the 1970s, the wording of the law made it impractical for any physicians to authorize a patient to use it.

Is using medical marijuana getting less dangerous in Louisiana?

Although Louisiana has technically had a medical marijuana exception on the books since the 1970s, no legal distributors have operated here, making legally obtaining the drug very difficult. For many years, it was technically legal for a doctor to prescribe marijuana to certain patients, and those with proper certification could legally obtain, but without legal distributors, the law was of little use.

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