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Protecting Your Rights In Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence is a very serious matter for every party involved. As both a family law and criminal defense lawyer, I have extensive experience on both sides of these cases. I also have an intimate understanding of Louisiana’s legal system. I represent those facing domestic violence charges, as well as those who need a restraining order and legal protection from incidents of abuse.

I Help Victims Of Domestic Violence

If you are trapped in a domestic abuse situation, I will work to obtain protective orders for you. If the person in question violates those orders in any way, he or she can be held legally accountable and could face criminal penalties.

You and your children deserve to be safe. I will meet directly with you to answer questions, explain the protective orders process and discuss next steps. I can help you secure legal protection as well as fight for you in court if needed. To schedule a free consultation with me, please contact me online or call 504-322-1261.

I am located in New Orleans and serve clients in Jefferson Parish, St. Tammany Parish and St. Charles Parish.

I Can Fight Criminal Charges

If you are facing charges for domestic violence, spousal abuse or substance and drug abuse, there is a lot on the line. Penalties could include large fines, jail time and loss of child custody rights or visitation time. It is possible to fight these charges but you need to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

I will fight to protect your rights to your children as well as defend you in court. To schedule a free consultation with me, please contact me online or call 504-322-1261 or 877-900-2140.

I am located in New Orleans and take cases across Louisiana.