When college students in Louisiana face DUI charges, what happens next? Many students do not know the answer to this question. Also, many do not understand how serious these charges are. This can cause them to take the situation lightly when it may impact their future for years to come.

Today we will look at the impact a DUI conviction may have on college students. We will look at how it affects the college experience and how it may continue after you leave college.

DUI convictions and scholarships

The College Investor takes a look at the true impact of a DUI conviction on college students. The first thing to understand is that you cannot hide a DUI conviction from your college. If convicted, the police will report this to your college. It is up to them to decide how they want to handle this information.

In some cases, they may cut off your source of financial support. This can include scholarships and other forms of financial aid. For some, the reduction or removal of support makes it impossible to continue college.

In others, a college may ban you from on-campus housing. On-campus housing is often much less expensive than local apartment rental. Students who do not have the money to rent an apartment may find themselves forced to return home.

Worst case impacts of DUI on your college experience

In worst case scenarios, colleges expel students with DUI convictions on their record. Other colleges may refuse admission to applicants with a conviction. This often puts students in a bind when leaving one school and looking for another.

It is important to understand the potential impact of DUI convictions. They can impact how you move forward in your schooling. You should take them seriously in accordance to that.