During a divorce, emotions are often high. You and your partner may be in a volatile or highly emotional state where civility does not seem to have any place. Peaceful divorces are the ones that tend to have the best outcomes. These are the least draining. You may be asking yourself if a peaceful divorce is possible.

According to Forbes, some factors can lend to an amicable divorce.

Consider divorce options

There are a couple of different ways that you can handle divorce proceedings. If you want the process to be as smooth as possible, then you may want to consider mediation or collaborative divorce. In mediation, you reach a resolution without the court and with the help of a third party. In collaborative divorce, you, your lawyers and other team members meet together to work towards a resolution.

Adhere to similar goals

It may be difficult to recognize that you and your spouse still share the same goal throughout the divorce. After all, you both want to end the marriage and you both probably want to do so without strain and with the least amount of stress. You can use this common goal to remain civil.

Acknowledge your partner with respect

Even when you are having difficulty being near your partner, you should remain respectful. If you can stay respectful, it can go a long way towards the other person also adhering to politeness and respect. If you both want to remain civil, then you need to respect him or her and in turn, he or she should respect your wishes.