In Louisiana, officers may use field sobriety tests to check sobriety. There are two primary types: standardized and non-standardized. There are many more non-standardized tests than standardized ones. Despite that, officers use standardized tests the most. Today we will look at why that is. looks at both standardized and non-standardized field sobriety tests. The difference between the two types of tests is that standardized tests have a set standard. This means officers have a rubric to judge results on. Because of this, standardized field sobriety tests are often considered more reliable. There is less room for error because less is up for interpretation. This is the primary reason officers use standardized tests more.

There are only three types of standardized tests. Compared to this, there are dozens of non-standardized tests. Officers may have trouble remembering so many different tests. It is easier to rely on the three that have a set rubric to judge on.

Some officers do use non-standardized field sobriety tests despite the downsides. But these tests tend to perform worse in court than their standardized counterparts. If an officer is attempting to arrest someone on suspicion of DUI, they want to avoid this. They instead want to prove their suspicion about the DUI infraction correct.

This is important for anyone facing DUI charges to know. Though a failed field sobriety test may be cause to arrest, it is not a sign of guilt. If you have failed a field sobriety test, do not take it as a sign that you have no chance of winning your case.