Louisiana residents who face DUI convictions understand they also face penalties. But do you know what those penalties are? More important than that, do you understand how long a DUI conviction can impact or alter your life? Today we will take a look at this.

First there are the short term impacts. This often involves things like jail sentences and fines. Many individuals convicted of DUI-related crimes will have to pay a penalty fine. They also pay fees for the court. Depending on the crime, the court may give them a jail sentence. This can last from days to years. The court may also order an individual to take a program for alcohol abuse or addiction. License suspension may be in place until you complete the program.

Many people facing DUI convictions do not think of the long term impacts. These take place after the jail sentences are over and you have paid the fines. A DUI conviction can hold sway over many aspects of your life, including:

  • What companies hire you
  • Which landlords allow you to rent from them
  • What colleges accept you
  • If you can apply for scholarships
  • Your insurance rates
  • Your reputation

Depending on the crime, DUI charges follow people for a long time to come. Everything from your eligibility for employment to your local reputation can suffer. This is important to note.

Are you curious about DWI related crimes? Do you want to take a more in-depth look at potential penalties that convicted people face? You can take a look at our linked web page here for more information. Learn about the short and long term consequences that people convicted of DUI may face.