Considering becoming an adoptive parent in Louisiana, but not particularly familiar with the process involved in doing so? You are in good company. Many people across the state wish to adopt children because they are unable to have their own, they desire to help a child in need or they married into a family and wish to legally adopt a stepchild, among other reasons.

Regardless of your reasoning for wishing to adopt a child in Louisiana, reports that you must first meet certain guidelines and eligibility requirements before you are able to potentially move forward with an adoption. Just what do these eligibility requirements entail?

While your relationship status does not matter, meaning you have the potential to become an adoptive parent regardless of if you are married, divorced, single or what have you, there are a number of other criteria you must meet. For example, you must be able to demonstrate that you have adequate space to house another child. An adoptive child needs to have his or her own bedroom unless he or she shares with another child of the same sex who is under age 18.

Furthermore, you must not have more than five children living in your home if you wish to become an adoptive parent in Louisiana. You must also be able to demonstrate that you have enough money to financially support another child in your home. Additionally, you are going to need to pass a home study assessment meant to ensure that you have a safe home environment before you are able to move forward with adoption, among other eligibility criteria.