Anyone who has received a conviction for driving while intoxicated in Louisiana should be able to attest that such a conviction typically leads to serious penalties. Even first-time DWI offenders are going to wind up with misdemeanors on their records. They may, too, have to spend time in jail, pay substantial fines and go through a probationary period, among other possible penalties.

While many of these DWI-related repercussions involve a financial element, reports that you may also face additional financial hardships once you begin driving once again. More specifically, you should anticipate paying more for insurance coverage once you regain the right to drive following a DWI conviction.

Just how much more might you pay to insure yourself after you have a drunk driving conviction? At the national level, motorists who have drinking and driving convictions typically watch their insurance premiums increase by anywhere between about 28% and 371%. In Louisiana, specifically, you should expect to pay almost 50% more for insurance coverage after a DWI than you would have before receiving your conviction.

Just how much might this hurt your wallet? Chances are, before your DWI, you paid somewhere in the vicinity of $2,228 a year to insure yourself behind the wheel. Once you have that DWI, however, you should plan to pay more like $3,292 a year to insure yourself, which amounts to an annual difference of $1,064. Because a Louisiana DWI typically stays on your record for 10 years, this increase in insurance costs relating to your DWI may impact you long into the future.