Louisiana law enforcement have several options if they want to check your blood alcohol content (BAC) levels. Breath tests and blood tests are two of them, but they are the ones most commonly used. Today, we will examine them further.

Some officers claim that blood alcohol tests are more accurate than breath tests. Despite this, blood and breath tests both have their strengths and weaknesses. Breath tests are easier to deliver. Not only that, but implied consent laws punish drivers for turning down breath tests. However, many factors can impact the BAC results. Things you put in your mouth or consumed can alter the results. This includes cough drops and cold medication. Additionally, the accuracy of these tests depends on how well officers maintain and calibrate the devices.

Blood tests, on the other hand, are harder to take. It involves you going to a lab and a lab technician drawing your blood. This is then examined in the lab where technicians determine your BAC level. Some consider it to be more accurate than breath tests despite the process being more involved. Even then, your health and diet can still impact the results. If you have diabetes or another condition that causes high blood sugar or ketone levels, this can result in a high BAC reading. Mistakes in the lab can also impact the results.

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