You have probably heard the stories and read the articles about how much of an impact a couple’s divorce can have on their children. However, you may be questioning if you have as much to worry about if your only child is still an infant. Interestingly, if you are getting divorced in Louisiana, even if your child is still in his or her infancy, there are consequences that can be triggered because of the separation of you and your spouse.

Being educated about the ways that the change in your relationship can potentially affect your child can help you to be more sensitive to his or her needs. It can also provide you with insight into things that you can do to try and encourage normalcy and consistency in your infant’s life. If you are able to maintain cordial communication with your soon-to-be-ex, you may consider discussing some of your concerns to try and minimize the impact of divorce on your child’s life.

According to Psychology Today, perhaps the most noticeable effect of your divorce on your baby will be related to his or her emotional awareness. Infants, unable to express themselves verbally, rely on emotions to do that job for them. If your child senses contention, stress and other difficult emotions, he or she may react by becoming even more emotional, developing anxiety when left alone and experiencing delays in certain areas of development.

One thing you may choose to do to provide support to your infant is to maintain your routine as closely as possible despite the changes in your relationship. Make sure that your infant is fed and has adequate time with you in ways that are consistent from day-to-day. In moments where you feel that tension could be affecting your baby, make time to provide comfort to him or her. The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice.