There are many different types of marriages in Louisiana. For most of them, getting a divorce is a fairly simple process. You just have to file for it with the court and meet the general requirements. However, there is one type of marriage where divorcing is not as easy. According to the Department of Health, a covenant marriage creates an agreement to abide by special provisions should you want to get a divorce.

Upon marriage, you sign a Declaration of Intent. This document signifies your intent as to the marriage. You agree to premarital counseling from a professional in marriage counseling or a member of the clergy. You also state that you intend to live as man and wife for the rest of your lives. You also declare you have both told each other of anything that could have a negative effect on your marriage prior to becoming legally wed.

In addition, before you consider divorce, you agree that you will undergo marriage counseling for any problems. You also agree that divorce is only a solution for limited reasons. These reasons include abuse of the other spouse or a child, a felony conviction with imprisonment or the death sentence, adultery, abandonment or living separately for at least one year or one and a half years if you have children together who are minors.

The whole idea of a covenant marriage is to enter into this union fully aware of the seriousness and intention of a lifelong relationship. You have an understanding that your marriage should not end if you can prevent it. That is why you have to meet the requirements to secure a divorce. This information is for education and is not legal advice.