Getting a divorce in Louisiana can cost money even after the divorce is finalized. These costs are not just related to the legal side of divorce but also to the life changes that follow. Even so, there are mistakes people can make during the divorce process that causes the cost to rise.

According to NerdWallet, one of the most common is oversharing on social media. If a partner claims they are unable to part with certain assets or to afford payments or settlement amounts, bragging on social media about expensive vacations and big business deals may negate this. The person’s ex-spouse may use that information in court to prove dishonesty.

Leaving joint accounts open can also cause the breadwinner to lose a lot of the money they put in the account. A financially dependent spouse may opt to drain the account to safeguard their own financial interests. Likewise, if the dependent spouse leaves the money intact and the account open, the breadwinner could decide to preempt any potential withdrawals by draining the account first.

One divorcee also wrote an article for Business Insider sharing that moving out, finding a new place to live and purchasing her own basic items cost her $3,000. This was despite not needing to pay for a moving truck and securing an apartment for $990 monthly rent.

Because she purchased her car with her ex, she chose to refinance the loan. She estimated that this cost her an additional $6,480 plus an additional year of making payments. This resulted from having a poorer credit history on her own. Since they no longer shared a car insurance policy, the cost of her premiums increased as well.

Many people only factor in the cost of legal fees and filing fees when considering divorce. However, there are financial costs associated with disentangling one person’s life from another. While it certainly should not discourage anyone from getting a divorce and seeking true happiness, it should compel people to think carefully about how they plan for and execute the divorce proceedings.