With the fall season officially settled in Louisiana, the holiday season will be in full swing before you know it. If you have divorced and share custody of your kids with their other parent, have you discussed how and whether custody arrangements will change for the holidays?

To better ensure everything goes smoothly, take a lesson from National Family Solutions. Figuring everyone’s schedule out now makes the inevitable process easier for everyone.

Fixed holidays

With a fixed holiday custody schedule, you and the other parent get specific holidays to have custody of your kids. For instance, maybe you get Christmas each year while the other parent gets Thanksgiving. If you and your ex-spouse share different religious or spiritual beliefs, this strategy could be easier for both of you.

Alternating holidays

If the above arrangement does not work, you can switch holidays back and forth between odd and even years. So, every other year, you get custody of the kids on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, for instance.

Split holidays

Maybe you and the other parent both want as much time as possible with your kids. If so, you can split holidays between day and night. That means you get the kids for Thanksgiving during the day while the other parent has custody of them Thanksgiving night. One of the biggest factors with this arrangement is the travel time between houses and parents. Also, be sure your kids are ready when it is time to hand them off to the other parent, to maintain the peace between the two of you.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.