Louisiana couples may decide to end their marriages for any number of reasons. While some spouses may decide to split due to a breach of trust, others separate more amicably after growing apart. However, some factors are more common than others. Researchers recently analyzed some of the most frequent causes of divorce in a study involving people who had participated in a premarital counseling and communication program but had divorced 14 years later. The study showed that there are often many causes behind a split.

The most common cause of divorce, cited by 75 percent of recipients, was a lack of commitment to continuing the marriage. Some people simply said that they no longer had romantic feelings for their spouses while others said that they had grown apart over time. Nearly 60 percent of participants said that they ended their marriages due to infidelity. In many cases, partners had poor marital relationships even before the affair. This is one reason why many of the study participants cited an extramarital affair alongside other issues as the causes of the divorce.

Over 45 percent of respondents said that they had simply married too young, with their lives and interests changing as they grew. Those who cited youth as a problem were an average age of 23.3 at the time of marriage.

When irreconcilable differences develop in a marriage, divorce can give both parties a chance to move forward. The process can be complicated and emotionally difficult as well as financially challenging. However, a family law attorney can help a divorcing spouse to seek a fair resolution of divorce legal matters, including property division and spousal support.