Much has been written about marriage and the manner in which it is approached. When a Louisiana couple decides to tie the knot, it’s usually with a sense of optimism for the marriage’s endurance. That is exactly why a prenuptial agreement, perhaps wrongly so, is considered planning for a marriage to fail.

A common perception is that prenups are all but exclusively the province of the rich who may be marrying for the wrong reason. However, anyone who has something of value to protect may well be advised to consider a prenup. Family relationship experts report that those who have previously had a marriage that failed are far more likely to get a prenuptial agreement before once again entering into matrimony.

Individuals who are getting married a second or third time are often older and have children from previous relationships. Additionally, it’s far more likely an older individual is further along in a career and may have substantial retirement and investment accounts. While a divorced person may be optimistic about a new relationship, they have lived through a similar expectation before that didn’t quite turn out as expected. The bottom line is a prenup can help protect existing interests, especially if both parties have previously wed.

A prenuptial agreement is but one legal issue a family law attorney can offer counsel on. Property division, child custody and spousal support are all important issues that may need to be properly addressed. With proper assistance from a lawyer, one can be better prepared for life after divorce.