In a perfect world, couples in Louisiana would be able to end a marriage while still effectively co-parenting for the sake of their children. In the real world, however, this isn’t always the case. While there has been more of an effort in recent years to keep things balanced financially and with visitation rights for fathers, an argument can be made that there’s still room for improvement. This is, in part, due to a lingering tendency of courts to grant custody to mothers when there’s a dispute.

Fathers may be able to ensure that their rights are upheld during a divorce regardless of a child’s living arrangements by being reasonable about custody and visitation. For instance, a dad might determine whether he has time to fully commit to providing proper care for his child. Fathers looking to make the most of their parental rights are also advised to keep the best interests in the child in mind while also dealing with their own personal feelings about the end of their relationship.

In addition to letting go of personal pain related to a split, a father seeking a fair co-parenting arrangement may make a better impression on the court by ensuring that the child has an appropriate amount of living space when staying with him part-time or during visitations. It can also be helpful for dads to avoid nitpicking over small things like clothing a child wears or visitation adjustments to accommodate a child’s school or athletic obligations.

Fathers may benefit from hiring an attorney to help them navigate through the various legal processes necessary to put together a mutually acceptable co-parenting plan or visitation schedule. A lawyer might prove to be valuable ally for a dad who has a valid dispute with his former spouse. Common issues that sometimes arise include purposely limiting a father’s contact with children and not adhering to parenting plan terms. Should serious disputes escalate, an attorney may recommend modifying a custody agreement or turning to the court for intervention.