Parents who request child support in Louisiana need to be prepared to present documents along with their requests. Many cases can be started online or at the local Office of Child Support Enforcement. Even in states that allow parents who are seeking child support to fill out an initial online application, it’s important to bring required documents to the local office.

Parents who are seeking child support should expect to bring a birth certificate and valid photo identification to their appointment with the office of child support enforcement. They will need to provide any known contact information for the non-custodial parent.

The office will also need proof of paternity, such as a signed acknowledgement form or the results of a DNA test. It is a good idea for parents who do not have a signed acknowledgement form to check with the office or an attorney regarding requirements for DNA testing. Many private companies offer paternity testing; however, they might not meet the requirements for state enforcement of child support.

An attorney may be able to help a parent who wants to obtain child support payments. Legal counsel may also recommend gathering documents such as Social Security cards, proof of income and evidence of any recent child support payments.

It is especially important to seek legal advice if there are any contested issues in the case. For example, the situation may be much different if the parents share custody. Amounts may also be lowered if the noncustodial parent lost a job or is experiencing a decline in income.