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November 2018 Archives

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Challenges parents may face in parallel parenting

Some parents in Louisiana who are getting a divorce want to protect their children from tension, but their relationship might be so high-conflict that this is difficult to do. Instead of co-parenting, which requires a high volume of communication and the ability to cooperate, these parents might want to consider parallel parenting.

Louisiana residents often consume alcohol for these reasons

Do you look forward to kicking back on weekends, perhaps with a glass of wine or your favorite mixed drink? After all, you work hard all week and you have a right to enjoy your free time, right? There is nothing necessarily inherently or legally wrong with consuming alcohol, provided you act in accordance with state laws that govern such matters. If, for instance, you are not age 21 or older, then your alcohol habit might land you in a heap of legal trouble.

Prenups aren't just for the wealthy

When Louisiana couples plan to marry, they usually don't want to think about the potential for divorce. In many cases, however, a prenuptial agreement can help partners not only prepare for divorce but also consider how their relationship will affect other financial and legal ties. While people often think of prenups as only for celebrities or the extremely wealthy, there are a number of different factors that people can include in an agreement before marriage.

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