For those who don’t have it, or more precisely don’t have enough of it, money can seem like a cure to all the world’s ills. For those who have experienced how damaging is the blind pursuit of it and the excesses it can lead to, money may truly be considered the root of all evil. The truth probably lies somewhere in between.

Many married couples have sufficient resources and do not have difficulty paying their bills. Financial observers report that where both work and contribute to the economic stability of the household, they fare better in keeping the marriage on track. Where one of the pair is the primary breadwinner, traditionally the man but not always, there is often more stress on that individual in the form of long hours at work and perhaps extensive travel. That is not a good formula for an enduring relationship.

Furthermore, there is a general trend that lends itself to the conclusion that money doesn’t help marriages stay intact. In down economic times, divorce rates tick downward, but in boom times rates trend up. The conclusion seems to be that people will endure what they must if it makes financial sense to wait for a better time to make the split.

Sometimes whether it is a high asset divorce or not, the end of a marriage is simply the best option for all concerned. Important decisions regarding property division, child custody, visitation plans and spousal support must be made. A divorce lawyer can help work past the emotions and explain the legal issues at stake as the couple move on with the rest of their lives.