Many people who are contemplating getting married in Louisiana wonder if they should sign a prenuptial agreement. The purpose for getting a prenup is to determine what each party will get in the event of a divorce. Without a prenuptial agreement, property is divided according to state law.

Many people choose to get prenuptial agreements for financial reasons, especially if they know that their partner has a lot of debt or excessive spending habits. A prenup can help save time and money in the future if one party files for divorce because both parties already know how assets will be divided before they meet with attorneys or spend time in court.

If one partner in the marriage owns or earns substantially more than the other, that may be a reason for the parties to consider getting a prenup. The party who earns more can make sure that their most important assets like a business are protected in the event of a divorce. A prenuptial agreement may also help the spouse who earns less know what their financial future will look like after a divorce by setting a predetermined amount of spousal support.

An experienced divorce litigation attorney may be able to assist clients who are facing the end of a marriage. Many people choose not to get a prenuptial agreement because they do not want to contemplate divorce prior to getting married. An attorney may be able to assist clients who never signed a prenup keep the assets that they most value and seek alimony by negotiating with the other side after the divorce has been filed.

An attorney may also be able to assist clients who want a prenuptial agreement. These agreements can be tailored to meet specific needs, so even if the couple does not have a lot of assets, a prenup can be beneficial. For example, many people are now choosing to get a prenup to determine who gets custody of pets if the couple divorces.