Louisiana residents and others who focus too much on the date that they get married may be focusing on the wrong thing. According to research from Melbourne University, it isn’t always the best idea to get married on Valentine’s Day or any day that looks cute when read in numerical format. This is reportedly because those who chose these types of dates tended to care more about the wedding than the marriage itself.

According to the study, 11 percent of couples who participated were divorced within five years of their wedding. Within nine years, 21 percent of couples in the study had split apart. Of course, getting married on a specific date doesn’t mean that the marriage is doomed. In some cases, it can be a good idea to pick a date when school is out of session or when it may be more affordable to have the wedding ceremony.

At the end of a marriage, an individual may feel a variety of emotions such as anger, sadness or confusion. In some cases, it can be difficult to put aside negative feelings toward an individual when negotiating a divorce settlement. While a person should strive to get as much marital property and financial support as possible, there may be limits to what an individual can reasonable expect to get.

Working with an attorney may make it easier to determine what is reasonable to ask for in a divorce. This may mean being able to take possession of a marital home or obtain alimony for several months or years after the marriage ends. It may also mean obtaining a portion of the proceeds inside of a retirement account. Individuals may be able to resolve their divorce through mediation or arbitration before opting for a divorce trial.