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August 2018 Archives

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Facing cocaine-related drug charges?

The state of Louisiana does not treat drug crimes lightly. If you find yourself facing drug charges, it could affect your personal and professional life if a conviction is achieved in your case.

Tax reforms mean changes in divorce for 2019

Louisiana couples who are getting a divorce will need to be aware of the effects property division and other financial elements will have on their taxes. They should also know that for divorces that are finalized after 2018, tax reform means that there will be some changes compared to previous years.

Complex retirement account decisions accompany gray divorces

Divorces among people over age 50, also known as gray divorces, have become increasingly common since the 1990s. People in Louisiana who have been married for a long time and perhaps have acquired substantial assets could encounter many issues when splitting their marital property. Retirement savings plans often raise questions about valuation, and distributions prior to age 59-1/2 could trigger taxes and penalties.

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