When police officers believe that an illegal activity is going on, they will act on those suspicions. This could result in a person being questioned and even searched if there exists probable cause. A search and seizure could result in a suspect being charged and arrested for criminal charges. However, just because evidence has been collected does not mean it will stand in court. Thus, it is important for defendants to assert a defense, even if it seems like the state has a strong case against them.

According to recent reports, authorities in Louisiana arrested two men after suspecting that drug crimes were going on in their hotel room. The St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous tip that caused them to arrive at the Chalmette hotel. Upon arriving outside the hotel room in question, officers state that they smelled a strong order of marijuana.

This led to officers obtaining a search warrant and issuing it on the hotel room where the two men were staying. This search resulted in officers recovering two smoking devices containing marijuana residue, six clear plastic bags containing heroine, one clear plastic bag of cocaine and a scale. Police believe that they were selling both heroine and cocaine from the hotel room. This resulted in charges for possession with the intent to sell as well as drug paraphernalia charges.

Facing drug charges is a serious matter, especially when facing multiple charges. While this might be an overwhelming situation, it does not mean that defense options are not available. When a search warrant is issued, it is important to question its legality and whether officers collected evidence in accordance with the warrant. This could help a defendant suppress evidence, helping them reduce or dismiss the charges against them.

Source: Theadvocate.com, “2 arrested for allegedly selling heroin out of Chalmette hotel room; other local crime briefs,” Helen Freund, Jan. 18, 2018