New Orleans is known for a few things, such as their warm weather, close proximity to the gulf, Bourbon Street and Mardis Gras. All of these reasons cause locals and tourists to visit the city, most of them partaking in celebrations or consuming alcohol. While this is a perfectly legal action, it is not legal to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol that puts the driver over the legal limit or is not capable of driving safely. Such a situation could result in a DUI charge, causing a motorist to face serious penalties.

While it can be an overwhelming situation, it is important to take timely action following a DUI charge. In the State of Louisiana, if a defense action is not filed within a certain timeframe, he or she could face a driver’s license suspension. Therefore, the legal team at Craig E. Gibbs, Attorney at Law is available to help individuals charged with a DUI understand their defense options.

When a driver is accused of drunk driving, an officer typically observes the motorist’s driving, pulling them over because they observed a traffic violation. Here is the first place we frequently look when a DUI case is brought to our law firm. If there was not a legal stop, we can use that to assert a defense. Next, officers will conduct a field sobriety test if they suspect a driver is under the influence. This requires officers to follow certain steps, conducting it in a particular manner. If this does not occur, we can use this information to challenge the charge.

Finally, when probable cause is established, usually through the field sobriety test, a blood alcohol concentration test could be administered. Whether it is a breath or blood test, our law firm knows the protocol for these tests. We also understand that mistakes can be made. Thus, we look at this information to determine if this evidence can be suppressed, helping to reduce or dismiss the charges for our clients.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s drunk driving website. While it might seem like a minor charge, it is one that could result in serious penalties. Thus, it is important that drivers facing a DUI take the time to understand their situation and are aware of the criminal defense options.