The New Year brings it with new beginnings for most people, but no one wants that new beginning to be from inside a jail cell, serving time for committing an act that they are suspected of committing. But with added checkpoints and police on standby to check for drunk drivers in the holiday season, especially around New Year’s Eve, this might be the exact result.

Celebrating the New Year is an evening that is enjoyed by many, but it sometimes leads to unfortunate consequences. Getting caught up in the festivities is easy to do, and if alcohol is involved, the party can quickly turn sour if you make a bad decision and see flashing lights in your rear view mirror.

At Craig E. Gibbs Attorney At Law, we aggressively defend our clients and make sure their rights were fully preserved no matter the case. Although you may have made a bad decision by deciding to drink and drive this holiday season, you are not alone and deserve proper representation from someone who is experienced in these types of situations.

With added pressure on the authorities in the holiday season, it is often possible that all the legally required steps are not followed in the police stops and arrests. Additionally, it is also not necessary that the tests conducted to determine one’s BAC level are always accurate. It might be possible for an aggressive defense attorney to attack the prosecution based on these factors and ensure that the New Year is not spent in a new, life altering location.

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