When one is a performer in the public eye, their image is very important. They work hard to maintain good repute in front of people of all ages and walks of life, as their work is to be enjoyed by the mainstream public. Any accusations of wayward behavior could prove detrimental to their image and therefore their livelihood-when those accusations translate into charges of criminal activity, it could cause irreparable damage.

This is perhaps why a 46-year-old former child actor turned musician took to social media to defend himself after he was charged by the police in Louisiana for misdemeanor marijuana possession and driving with a suspended license. Police claim they stopped his recreational vehicle for speeding, the vehicle he was allegedly driving with a suspended license, and took him to the police station upon this discovery. According to the police, officers smelled marijuana on him at the station and upon searching the RV, drugs were found in the vehicle.

The musician, on tour with his band, claimed that he was facing charges only because the vehicle was his-there was no marijuana on him. According to him, the drug belonged to a crewmember and was medical marijuana. He was released after he paid a fine.

Whether facing misdemeanor or felony charges, criminal charges and subsequent criminal convictions can wreak havoc in someone’s life. It may be beneficial for someone facing these charges to consider mounting a strong criminal defense from the onset and defend their rights vigorously in a court of law.

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