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Increase in DUI arrests across the state on Labor Day weekend

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There are certain times of the year when law enforcement agencies crack down on drunk driving across the country, and Labor Day is one of those times. Authorities also advertise the number of stops conducted and arrests made on these events. As a result of the public pressure and push for taking a serious line against drunk drivers, many people may find themselves facing charges they did not anticipate or stopped for reasons that are not permissible.

According to the Louisiana State Police Troop A reports, troopers made more than double the amount of arrests this year than they did last year. To keep the highways safe, troopers put in more hours, especially in areas where they have conducted research and determined as more susceptible to accidents in the previous years. In one area alone, authorities claimed they had arrested 29 people on the weekend in question, up from 13 the last year. According to reports, five of the arrested were third time offenders.

Drunk driving charges, whether they are being levied the first time or the third, should be taken very seriously. Though the first time may not seem serious to many drivers, once someone has been convicted of these charges, it remains on their record and subsequent arrests mean stricter penalties, fines and license revocation periods.

With more and more focus being directed on reducing drunk driving accidents across the state, it is possible that the reason behind the initial stop is not legal. This is one of the aspects of the case an experienced attorney may be able to attack in order to defend the charged drunk driver's case.

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