As mentioned in last week’s post, even when one is facing serious criminal charges, they have certain constitutional protections that are available to them and that they should avail. One of those rights, as enumerated in the Miranda warnings, is the right to an attorney and speaking to one as soon as one is facing criminal charges is beneficial for the accused.

Criminal charges, arrests, convictions and acquittals-all of these have the potential to affect the rest of a Louisiana resident’s life. Where a conviction means someone may be spending a number of years, if not the rest of their life in prison, an acquittal often carries with it the stigma of doubt that people cannot shake. For many, a simple arrest can mean potential targeting by authorities for unrelated or related crimes for the rest of their life. It can affect employment, relationship and educational opportunities. In short, the long-term consequences are very serious and should be taken seriously.

Availing one’s right to speak to counsel is one many should consider and not just any counsel-experienced and knowledgeable attorneys such as those at our firm. Having represented clients for more than 20 years in criminal matters, we are well-versed in the law and in the prosecution’s tactics. We also understand that where a criminal trial may be the best criminal defense strategy for some, it is not the answer for everyone and we treat all situations differently.

The criminal justice system can be overwhelming and it may be tempting to take the first deal offered to one, but consulting with an experienced lawyer can provide more options. Visit our page for more information on criminal defense.

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