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I blew under .08, so why am I still being arrested for DUI?

Many people in the New Orleans area probably know that it is illegal to drive with more than .08 blood alcohol content in their system. This blog has even discussed how our law firm will use strategies to attack the results of the police's breath or blood test, as they are not always reliable and, in some cases, were not lawfully obtained.

It is not legal in Louisiana to lie to the police or prosecutors

Previous posts on this blog have discussed how New Orleans residents can get into significant criminal trouble for lying to public officials, especially when those officials are investigating a crime. Even if a Louisianan did not actually have anything to do with the crime itself, he or she can still wind up in jail or paying fines simply for lying about it.

Armored car robbery investigation leads to criminal charge

A young man faces a federal criminal charge in connection with a recent attempted robbery of an armored car in the New Orleans area. During the course of the robbery attempt, gunfire was exchanged between the would-be robbers and the guards in the armored car. One of the guards died from gunshot wounds suffered during the incident.

We are not afraid to challenge breath test results

Although a previous post on this blog discussed the numerous ways is which the Breathalyzer machine police use to officially check a Louisiana resident's blood alcohol content can be wrong, many New Orleans residents and guests to this city may still be afraid to challenge a drunk driving charge that almost inevitably follows a failed breath test. Some people, and even some attorneys, may take on the attitude that the machine simply does not lie.

How can a Breathalyzer breath test be wrong?

Many residents of New Orleans, Louisiana who get pulled over for drunk driving may be tempted to just plead guilty and accept their punishment. While sometimes this is in a person's best interests, sometimes people might do this because they do not think they can beat the charge. Specifically, they may think that their driving was not that bad, but the Breathalyzer test they took said they were over the legal limit, and the machine does not lie.

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