Many people in the New Orleans area wind up being accused of drug possession, drug distribution or other drug offenses. These criminal charges are serious enough when filed in state court by local or Louisiana authorities.

However, most drugs which are illegal at the state level are also criminalized under federal law, meaning that, in certain cases, a New Orleans resident may find himself or herself standing before a federal judge.

Federal and state charges are similar in some basic respects, but there are important differences. Most importantly, federal charges generally carry stiffer penalties than charges brought in state court. Moreover, although this has been changing in recent years, federal judges still, in many cases, feel constrained under the law to give harsh sentences, even if the defendant is truly deserving of a second chance.

Furthermore, the federal court system is very different from Louisiana’s court system, and it is easy for a person to get lost in the maze of rules and special procedures that might seem a little foreign.

For these reasons, a person accused of a federal drug charge should not hesitate to get skilled defense counsel on their side as quickly as possible. A delay can affect the person’s chances at a favorable outcome in his or her case.

In this respect, our law office has considerable experience handling federal drug charges. We work hard to build our client’s case and give our clients direct and personal attention all the way through trial if necessary. While obviously we cannot promise that every case will turn out exactly how our clients want, we take all permissible steps to ensure a good result in each one of our client’s federal cases.