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May 2017 Archives

Can I get the domestic assault victim to drop charges?

Many times, a couple or other family members in the New Orleans area will get in to a fight, and police may be called to the scene. When this happens, it is always possible that someone will wind up getting arrested or facing charges of domestic assault or another domestic violence charge.

Man arrested for being over the limit after pedestrian death

A man was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving following a fatal pedestrian accident in Mandeville, a Louisiana city not far from New Orleans. Although the man was charged with a first DWI, because of the pedestrian's death, the man also faces a negligent homicide charge. Together, these charges could land the driver in jail for a substantial period of time and could also mean fines, strict probation and a lengthy license suspension.

Is using medical marijuana getting less dangerous in Louisiana?

Although Louisiana has technically had a medical marijuana exception on the books since the 1970s, no legal distributors have operated here, making legally obtaining the drug very difficult. For many years, it was technically legal for a doctor to prescribe marijuana to certain patients, and those with proper certification could legally obtain, but without legal distributors, the law was of little use.

Man detained after police search his home, find drugs

A man who lives in New Orleans is facing serious drug charges after police searched his home and found over 30 grams of heroin inside the residence. Among other charges, the man faces allegations of drug possession with the intent to distribute and possession of drugs within 2,000 feet of an area school. The latter charge carries with it a stiffer penalty than simple drug possession, presumably because there were drugs near areas where minors congregate.

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