Many people may not realize this, but being charged with a sex crime, (or even just being accused of one) is like no other criminal experience. The overriding social stigma can be uniquely harsh, and it can seem like the accused must prove their innocence first instead of protection of being presumed innocent. Some may even lose their lives and reputations before having their day in court.

This also means that people accused of sex crimes could lose their jobs before facing criminal sanctions. 

So those accused of sex crimes may not tell their employers. This may be in violation of a company’s policy requiring employees charged with certain crimes to disclose them promptly. This may be the case for employees of public schools, colleges and universities. There may be a number of reasons behind such policies, but the overriding concern may be the safety of children.

With that said, it is important for a person charged with a sex crime, as well as those under investigation for these infractions to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. A skilled criminal defense attorney can help in preserving rights that may be trampled in the midst of an overzealous search. He or she can also help in keeping employers nervous about appearances at bay.

Indeed, going through the legal process when accused of a sex crime is going to be difficult, but with an experienced criminal defense attorney, one can at least take solace that their rights will be diligently protected.