No one in the New Orleans, Louisiana area wants to face allegations of a sex crime, especially when the allegations involve the abuse of children. Such crimes still carry with them a huge social stigma. This stigma means a person who gets accused may feel that he or she is already guilty and must now prove his or her innocence.

Moreover, in addition to lengthy prison terms and probation, someone who gets convicted of certain types of sex crimes will have to register as a sex offender. Registering can mean a person faces a lifetime of close police supervision and legal restrictions on where they can live and work. Being on the registry also means that any average citizen, including a prospective employer or neighbors, can find out about a person’s past even if he or she has already “done time.”

It is important to remember that not all sex crimes involve force or even contact with a live person. For example, child pornography and solicitation charges, which don’t have live victims, are oftentimes just as serious as other sex crimes. Moreover, these sorts of charges often take in people who are otherwise decent citizens with jobs and families. Those accused in many if not most cases have never been in trouble with the law before.

A New Orleans resident accused of a sex crime needs a strong defense, which is what our law office provides to all of its clients dealing with charges of this nature. From the initial stages of a case all the way through trial and appeal if necessary, we work hard to protect our clients’ rights and to make sure that their side of the story gets a full and fair hearing.

Although we cannot guarantee results since every case is different, we are well aware of how the attorneys for the state typically try cases like these and are prepared to respond accordingly.