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April 2017 Archives

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Louisiana's implied consent law and the results of ignoring it

Many New Orleans residents have probably heard about implied consent and probably also know that if they are pulled over on the suspicion of drunk driving, they can get in trouble if they do not agree to take a blood or breath test, even though Louisiana law enforcement officers and prosecutors will use evidence from that test to get a DUI conviction.

Why those accused of sex crimes may not tell their employers

Many people may not realize this, but being charged with a sex crime, (or even just being accused of one) is like no other criminal experience. The overriding social stigma can be uniquely harsh, and it can seem like the accused must prove their innocence first instead of protection of being presumed innocent. Some may even lose their lives and reputations before having their day in court.

We help those accused of different sex crimes

No one in the New Orleans, Louisiana area wants to face allegations of a sex crime, especially when the allegations involve the abuse of children. Such crimes still carry with them a huge social stigma. This stigma means a person who gets accused may feel that he or she is already guilty and must now prove his or her innocence.

Orleans Parish jail guard charged following inmate's death

A sheriff's deputy for Orleans Parish found herself on the inside of a jail cell following her recent arrest in connection with an inmate's death. The jail inmate, who was only 15 and was facing murder charges, was found hanging in his cell. This has consistently been described as a suicide.

How does "constructive possession" work in drug cases?

In Louisiana, it is illegal for a person to possess certain narcotics and other controlled substances. Being caught in possession of such items, even if one does not own them, can mean a New Orleans resident will face drug charges that could in the worst cases spell a felony conviction and lengthy prison sentence, not to mention steep fines and strict and costly terms of probation.

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