Although most Louisiana residents can guess that any criminal charge, even a first-time misdemeanor, is an important matter with potentially serious consequences, a domestic assault charge calls for even more concern.

In addition to the usual penalties of fines, jail and probation, domestic violence convictions carry with them serious collateral consequences that may affect a person’s ability to do things like own a firearm, adopt or even be around children and work in certain professions. Domestic violence convictions can also seriously hurt a person’s ability to get a favorable custody and parenting time arrangement should that be an issue.

For this reason, even first-time offenders should think long and hard before simply going into court and pleading guilty to a domestic violence charge. They should instead consider whether legal representation in their matter is the right choice for them. When doing so, they should remember the possible consequences of a criminal conviction related to domestic violence and should also remind themselves that, no matter how honest they may seem, the state prosecutor and police are there to represent the interests of the state, not you.

In his many years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer serving the people of New Orleans and the surrounding area, attorney Craig E. Gibbs has successfully taken many domestic violence cases to trial, recognizing that they are not always open and shut cases and many times are literally one person’s word against the other. Although results cannot be guaranteed, he does promise to work hard for each and every one of his clients so they have the vigilant and dedicated representation that they need.