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March 2017 Archives

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Noted New Orleans architect arrested

A New Orleans architect known for his work on buildings and projects around the city, including the international airport, the French Quarter and a part of the Aquarium of the Americas, has been arrested on several different charges relating to an alleged dispute with his ex-girlfriend. The architect's current wife was also arrest on similar charges. The architect has no known criminal history.

The Orleans parish diversion program

Like other big cities, the New Orleans metro area has a drug diversion program, run through the District Attorney's office. This program allows people facing lower degree criminal charges that do not involve violence the opportunity to have drug charges or other qualified cases dismissed.

5 collateral consequences of a drunk driving conviction

You likely already know about the consequences the court can impose, such as fines and time in jail, for a drunk driving conviction. Other consequences are also possible. Collateral consequences are those that the court doesn't impose. These collateral consequences can impact your life long after the court-imposed penalties are served.

Helping you initiate a defense against drug crime allegations

Facing criminal allegations can be a difficult time for anyone. Those accused of a drug crime in Louisiana and elsewhere may feel overwhelmed by the situation. Additionally, the accused may feel powerless against the police officers or government officials making such accusations. Nonetheless, criminal defendants are entitled to a criminal defense against drug crimes, and there are various criminal defense strategies that could be initiated to meet your needs and goals.

St. Patrick's Day DWI stats

Any time that people come together to celebrate, they need to be wary of combining drinking and driving. Given the cultural focus on gatherings and green beer on St. Patrick's Day, it's especially sobering to see the frequency that Americans drink and drive on the holiday.

Penalties for prostitution in New Orleans

There are many different things to do in New Orleans, especially surrounding Mardi Gras. The streets will be packed with various people seeking to have a good time. People will consume a lot of alcohol as they celebrate. Sometimes after consuming too much alcohol people make some decisions that could lead to criminal charges. There are also people who also commit crimes while assisting in the person's ability to commit the crime.

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