There are many ways people in New Orleans find escape or supplement their bodies to get through life. For many this release is alcohol, but there are also many people who use drugs as well. Some drugs can be very beneficial for the individual, but those are generally prescribed by a doctor to treat a certain medical condition or illness. Others can give a person a good high, but overall can be very detrimental to the person and very addictive. These types of drugs are also illegal to distribute or possess.

A man from New Orleans and two others were recently arrested for allegedly possessing marijuana, cocaine and potentially Xanax and now facesdrug charges. According to police, an employee at a McDonalds noticed two men sitting in a car in the parking lot. The police say that the employee also saw a gun in the car. By the time the police arrived the car had left the parking lot, but police say they located the car a little while later and conducted a traffic stop. Inside the car, they allegedly found a gun and marijuana. They say they found the cocaine and Xanax when they searched the men themselves.

Drug possession convictions are very serious in New Orleans. The consequences can be very severe, including jail time. However, the person must be convicted of the charges before they realize these consequences. There may be defenses available to people who are charged with drug possession. These defenses start with whether the police legally stopped the person and searched them, their vehicle or their home. If the stop or search was illegal, the evidence of the drugs could be suppressed.

Many people in New Orleans are charged with drug possession crimes each year. This does not automatically mean that they are guilty though. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and there may be defenses available to them. Understanding these defenses is very important for the people, so they can ensure their rights are protected.

Source:, “2 men face gun, drug charges after McDonald’s worker in Slidell spot armed men in parking lot” Laura McKnight, Feb. 15, 2017