In New Orleans, there are many reasons why a person might find him or herself in trouble with the law and placed under arrest amid accusations and allegations. It could be due to assault, theft, driving under the influence and even extend to murder and similarly serious crimes. Criminal charges can come from being involved in an unfortunate situation or it might be a matter of circumstance. Independent of how the issue came to pass, formulating a strong criminal defense is an imperative from start to finish.

A 41-year-old woman who had rented a guest house from an elderly widow is accused of stealing approximately $1.4 million in art and other property. The widow’s late husband was a painter and a university professor. According to law enforcement, the woman who was arrested works as a motion picture makeup artist. She was arrested on charges of theft and exploiting an infirm person. Police were called regarding a burglary and saw the paintings hidden in the guesthouse in which the woman was staying. It is not known what she planned to do with the paintings. However, since they were of significant value, law enforcement sees this is a major case of theft.

The late artist’s work is in several museums and he was a popular artist who died in 2013. The woman is said to have claimed that she entered the widow’s home to borrow the paintings to take photos of them. Later, when a search was conducted, law enforcement found numerous paintings and other properties that were taken from the widow’s home. The widow stated that she did not grant permission to take the items. Since she had a key, she was not charged with burglary, but will face other charges related to these allegations.

While this case might seem to be clear, the woman still needs to make certain that she crafts a strong defense to avoid the long-term consequences and penalties that can accompany a conviction. This is true for anyone in New Orleans regardless of the charges. The most important step is to discuss the matter with an experienced attorney to plan a defense as soon as possible.

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