Last week’s post on this blog discussed how New Orleans police and offices with the State of Louisiana were likely to set up roadblocks and heavy patrols during the recent holiday weekends, particularly New Year’s Eve, in order to conduct breath tests and check to make sure motorists were not driving drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Those who did happen to be arrested in connection with these police activities may be feeling nervous and scared about their futures. Even if the ensuing DUI charge marks the first time an otherwise productive an law-abiding Louisiana citizen has been in trouble, the consequences are still steep. A person’s license may be suspended for a year, and, additionally, significant fines and probation fess can be imposed. For those with multiple drunk driving convictions, a felony and a stint in jail or prison is a real possibility.

Our law office has more than 15 years of experience representing those who are dealing with drunk driving charges in Louisiana. For some, a DUI may just be a one-time lapse in judgment that is best resolved via competent and assertive plea negotiations. Other people simply cannot afford a DUI on their records and will need to put forth the best defense possible. Furthermore, in some cases, the police do not gather their evidence properly.

While our office cannot promise results in a given case, we can promise to help a person accused of DUI get the best result possible under the facts and circumstances. We will investigate each case thoroughly and, after doing so, give our clients on honest evaluation of their legal options, which can include putting up a vigorous defense at a trial.