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Woman arrested on allegations of major artwork theft

In New Orleans, there are many reasons why a person might find him or herself in trouble with the law and placed under arrest amid accusations and allegations. It could be due to assault, theft, driving under the influence and even extend to murder and similarly serious crimes. Criminal charges can come from being involved in an unfortunate situation or it might be a matter of circumstance. Independent of how the issue came to pass, formulating a strong criminal defense is an imperative from start to finish.

Arrested at a police roadblock? Get experienced assistance

Last week's post on this blog discussed how New Orleans police and offices with the State of Louisiana were likely to set up roadblocks and heavy patrols during the recent holiday weekends, particularly New Year's Eve, in order to conduct breath tests and check to make sure motorists were not driving drunk or under the influence of drugs.

3 alarming stats about false abuse accusations and divorce

False abuse and domestic violence allegations often strike during divorce. Typically, one parent accuses the other of abusing the children, though the allegations could also include abuse against the other parent. In cases in which these allegations are fabricated, the goal is often to keep that parent from getting custody and visitation rights. This can be a tactic used for parental alienation, sometimes simply out of spite. According to one report, these are some alarming key stats you should be aware of:

Drug charges can lead to life-long consequences

Although some drug laws throughout the United States are starting to change, especially when it comes to marijuana, the fact is that our country has always been very tough on the enforcement of the law when it comes to illegal drug usage, distribution and manufacturing. In fact, depending upon the circumstances, one arrest and conviction can lead to devastating circumstances with life-long consequences for a New Orleans resident who is found guilty.

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