New Orleans, Louisiana, is known throughout the country as a city that knows how to through a party for special occasions. And, with the biggest party night of the year on New Year’s Eve, it is not unfair to presume that drinks will be consumed throughout the city, and throughout the country. But, with an increase in the number of parties and festivities to bring in the new year, immediately following comes an inevitable increase in driving while under influence cases.

Unfortunately, on New Year’s Day we so often hear of tragedies involving drunk drivers who got into an accident and either were injured or killed, or injured or killed fellow drivers on the road who were even more responsible drivers who were sober at the time of the accident.

Drinking and driving is a serious crime throughout the United States, and most police departments have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drinking and driving. In an effort to keep drunk drivers off the road, many state and local police departments also have DWI checkpoints to assure that those who are on the road in the early morning of New Year’s Day are sober.

A conviction for drunk driving can lead to serious penalties, including fines, a license suspension and even a felony conviction if you are involved in an accident and hurt or kill others. For anyone facing the possibility of a conviction for driving while under the influence, it is crucial to have a strong defense strategy to fight the charges and to protect your rights and your freedom.

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