For those in New Orleans who are confronted with allegations and an arrest on drug offenses, the problems that can result are significant. Drug charges can run the gamut from minor to major; from simply possessing the drugs for one’s own use to something far more severe in dealing or even distributing them. Along with those charges will come a litany of other possible accusations with weapons, money laundering, violence and more. With the serious consequences that accompany drug allegations, formulating a strong defense from the start is a key to the entire case.

A vehicle stop and subsequent investigation led to two people being placed under arrest. Law enforcement officers arrested a 38-year-old man and his 33-year-old girlfriend after finding methamphetamine, heroin, a sawed off shotgun, drug items, knives, and $4,000 in cash in the vehicle. The couple had outstanding warrants in another area of Louisiana. They were both arrested on multiple charges related to the drugs and weapons as well as for being fugitives.

Those who are confronted with drug charges need to be aware of the harsh penalties they might face if they are convicted. Many do not understand that there is a difference between state and federal drug crimes. If there are other issues such as weapons, the amount of the drugs, whether it was for personal use or for sale and more, it can lead to the charges being piled on top of one another and accumulating to an extensive time in jail and massive fines. In short, a conviction on drug offenses can ruin a person’s entire life.

In this case, two people were arrested for drugs after they were stopped in their car by law enforcement. Given the numerous allegations against them, they need to put the plans for a strong defense in place. For that, speaking to a lawyer is one of the most important calls they will ever make and it should be done as soon as possible.

Source:, “Sawed-off shotgun, drugs, cash seized, 2 arrested near Mandeville,” Robert Rhoden, Oct. 25, 2016