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Couple arrested on numerous drug charges after traffic stop

For those in New Orleans who are confronted with allegations and an arrest on drug offenses, the problems that can result are significant. Drug charges can run the gamut from minor to major; from simply possessing the drugs for one's own use to something far more severe in dealing or even distributing them. Along with those charges will come a litany of other possible accusations with weapons, money laundering, violence and more. With the serious consequences that accompany drug allegations, formulating a strong defense from the start is a key to the entire case.

What are the penalties for conviction on drug charges?

Being accused of committing a crime is no small thing. A criminal conviction can drastically affect an individual's life, having a negative impact on his or her ability to obtain and maintain employment, housing, and education, let alone his or her freedom. Tragically, the war on drugs continues to threaten the futures of many Louisianans.

What are the penalties for a conviction on a first offense DUI?

For New Orleans residents arrested on drunk driving charges, there are numerous issues they must deal with as the case moves forward. For those who believe that a first offense does not have the significant penalties in comparison to the penalties for a second or third offense and that it is not as serious, they must understand that even a first offense can lead to extensive problems. It is with this in mind that they should do everything possible to try and avoid a conviction.

Challenging evidence in a criminal case

When an individual has been charged with a crime, and is facing criminal accusations and charges, it is important to be familiar with the evidence being used against the accused party and how to challenge that evidence in certain situations as part of a strong criminal defense strategy. Under certain circumstances, evidence may not be used against an accused individual and it is important to know when those situations apply.

Man with criminal record faces assault charges

For New Orleans residents with criminal records, it can often feel as if the deck is stacked against them. Getting a job or a place to live can be a challenge for people in this position. It can also seem that the criminal justice system won't give these folks a break either, as prosecutors often want to bring up a criminal record as much as they can.

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